FFO Valentine's Crewneck - Black - By Maxwell Druxman

Size :
“I was inspired to create a piece that showcases the delicate journey of love. Acknowledging the pain some endure during the chase for everlasting comfort and acceptance. A sharp glass rose reflecting emotions and memories that may have once cut deeper than you could have ever imagined. Remember, this is a blessing in disguise. Become the rose. Make yourself stronger with every added emotional refraction that passes through the glass. Take in the pain but let it pass right through, like a prism converting it with your passionate self and letting it shine bright and full of colour. Share that special converted energy with someone who sees you for who you are, you deserve love that is far from ordinary.”

-Maxwell Druxman


  • 100% Cotton
  • Vinyl Decoration
  • Embroidery Decoration
  • Designed to be oversized
  • Relaxed Fit

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